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aloft adv
1 at or on or to the masthead or upper rigging of a ship; "climbed aloft to unfurl the sail"
2 upward; "the good news sent her spirits aloft"
3 at or to great height; high up in or into the air; "eagles were soaring aloft"; "dust is whirled aloft"
4 in the higher atmosphere above the earth; "weather conditions aloft are fine"

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From Old Norse á lopti "in the sky"


  1. above, overhead, in a high place
  2. in the top, at the mast head
    • 1859: James Fenimore Cooper, The Red Rover: A Tale
      I think you said something converning the manner in which yonder ship has anchored, and of the condition they keep things alow and aloft?




  1. anywhere about the upper yards, masts and rigging of a ship

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aboard, above, abovestairs, afloat, airward, all aboard, aloof, athwart the hawse, athwarthawse, aye, before the mast, high, high up, in flight, in sail, in the air, in the clouds, on board, on board ship, on deck, on high, on shipboard, on stilts, on the peak, on tiptoe, over, overhead, skyward, straight up, tiptoe, to the zenith, topside, up, upstairs, upward, upwards
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